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Category: Food weight loss and weight gain
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Reduce excessive fat, prevent belly fat effectively
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Obesity is not only an aesthetic matter but also causing direct impact on health, leading to potential dangerous illness.

Obesity is mainly caused by excessive food energy intake and a lack of physical activity, accumulating bad fat.

Other causes: genetic or metabolic disorders.


  • Fen Fiber helps prevent belly fat and lose weight in a scientific method, then keep body in shape.
  • Balance cholesterol, reduce blood cholesterol, and maitain the healthy heart
  • Control glucose and support treatment of type II diabetes.
  • Enhance immunity, antioxidation of the body.
  • Protect liver, kidney, and prevent cancer.
  • Combine Fen Fiber with appropriate diet plans, physical activities in order to have a healthy and slim shape.

    Extraction from Fenugreek herb contain 80% fiber, which has ability to absorb glucose and fat outstanding compare with fiber from other vegetable then discharge from the body.


    • People who want lose weight

    • People who want to prevent obesity

    • People who have cardiovascular and blood disease and want to improve blood circulation

    • Type II diabetics patients

    USAGE: take 3 tablets/day on aregular basis