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Category: Health food
Trademark: Seiko Yakuhin Kogyo

Status: Available

Improve sexual physiological function, maintain youth
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  • Boost the production of DHEA-S (Dehydroepiandrosteron) which is seen as a super sexual hormone, combining with anti-oxidative extracts and beta carotene from red pepper, minerals zinc from yeast.
  • Support effectively physiological health for both man and women, fight erectile dysfunction in men, "drought" in women, and increase sex drive of both.
  • Anti-aging, prevent obesity, improve the condition of type II diabetes effectively.
  • Enhance body immunity, remove fatigue, create comfortable mood both physically and mentally.
  • Extraction from Sophon (scientific name Butea Superba) is a extremely rare herb in the Mekong River Basin with 15 active ingredients which are beneficial to health.
  • Sophon is a tropical plant which belongs to Phalaenopsis bean family and grows in the Mekong River Basin, India and Thailand. From ancient, Sophon has been used inThailand minorities as a panacea in order to increase sexual stamina of men.


    • People suffer decreased sexual desire

    • People who is in the treatment of type II diabetes

    USAGE: take maximum 9 tablets/day