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Category: Health food
Trademark: Seiko Yakuhin Kogyo

Status: Active

Reduce risk of heart diseases, reduce cholesterol, diabetes and prevent stress
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Omega 3 Krill has rich content of EPA, DHA and phospholipid. This difference in structure leads to rapid absorption then pass the blood-brain barrier in order to reach the central brain structures, providing maximum nutrition for the brain, and enhancing nutrients to the cardiovascular system.

Omega 3 Krill have outstanding effect in preventing stroke, reducing bad cholesterol while increase good cholesterol, reduce significantly blood fat, nourish joint, against depressants, prevent Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia.

Replenish much vitamin A helps to enhance eyesight nourish the skin.

Krill oil contains cyclodextrin nanoparticles which is coated in capsules and deodorized fishy smell to avoid oxidation and be dissolved completely in water, thus leading to high absorption



  • Krill oil is extracted immediately at the fishing ground
  • Source to produce Omega 3 Krill is provided by company Aker

    • People who have high cholesterol rate.

    • People who have heart disease or high blood pressure caused by atherosclerosis.

    • People who have joint disease.

    • People who have week eye caused by lack of vitamin A, dry cornea or corneal ulcers.

    • Old people who have bad memory or Alzheimer disease and bad sleep.

    USAGE: take 2-4 tablets/day on aregular basis