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Improve health, stabilize blood pressure, blood vessel circulation, anti-stroke and brain hemorrhage control
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Support the smooth daily from overlapping age

Earthworm that has been eaten for health maintenance in overseas. Such a kind of earthworm "LR" is in the earthworm species with the "earthworm enzyme" happy to smooth flow ,dissolve the hardened protein, and has been worldwide attention to support the smooth daily

"Lumbell" was condensed into a capsule. It is luxury blended earthworm dry powder that has been based on domestic integrated production of strict management, Denshichi Carrot, autumn turmeric, mulberry leaf extract and the raw materials that are essential such as in health maintenance.

Firmly support the daily smooth life.

Blended LR end Ⅲ observed from the country of the institution

Passed the criteria of potency assay of earthworm enzyme, it is powdered earthworm dry powder by the accepted manufacturing method as a patent from the engine of the country.

Earthworm dry powder (LR end Ⅲ) Made in Japan

Melt the hardened protein, containing the earthworm enzyme that supports the smooth flow. The LR end Ⅲ, in addition to the earthworm enzyme, contains a good balance of essential amino acids and minerals, vitamins.

Denshichi Carrot Made in China

Perennial Araliaceae that originated in southwest China. In Yunnan district it has been popular as the wisdom of folklore.

Mulberry leaves Made in China

Mulberry's Moraceae deciduous tree. It is said that a weakness side of the allies in the greasy food and sweets. Carotene, contains such a wealth of amino butyric acid.

Autumn turmeric Made in Japan

Tropical Asian origin of the ginger family turmeric genus of perennial plants. Established a turbulent lifestyle, it will support every day is lively.

Earthworm dry powder of thorough quality control, domestic integrated production

" Lumbell " raw material earthworm dry powder which is the "LR end Ⅲ" is a factory which cleared the strict management standards, we use only the ones that have been domestic integrated production from breeding to product manufacturing and quality control.

1. Target

· people who want to have a "smooth life."

· people who concern lifestyle

· people who want to do my best next day

2. Usage:take from 4 to 6 capsule/ day on a regular basis