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For you who want to compensate calcium easily every day
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It is blended to condense to a grain that be compatible to calcium and good ingredients such as a good milk calcium absorption rate, our precious collagen in the configuration, parsley and mandarin orange.

Because it is a completely additive-free, you can add easy to calcium in the daily diet of children grew up prime, served a wide range, such as those who want to replenish the calcium decreases by age.

It is supplement of modern people compensating for calcium that is luck of the eating habits of the modern Japanese. IT is recommended for children that do not like milk product..


Milk calcium (from milk)  Made in New Zealand

Milk calcium derived from milk which is said to be superior to the absorbent among of calcium material. Because it is also included in the rich minerals other than calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, it is material recommended for  the supply of daily calcium and nutrition。

Parsley Europe production

It is green and yellow vegetables that is compatible with Calcium and contain nutrient-rich. It is also known as the herb that contains many essential oil components. It is especially recommended for raw materials for children that grew up prime and later 40s women.

Lactobionic acid (lactose fermentation product)  Made in Netherlands, the United States, and Japan

It is fermentation ingredient that is included, such as the Caspian Sea yogurt. It is known as efficiently supporting the absorption of calcium, is the component you want to take in accordance with the time to replenish the calcium from the goodness of its chemistry.

Enzyme treatment Unshuu oranges  Made in Japan

It contains a large amount "β- cryptoxanthin" that is a kind of carotenoid , is recommended for those who feel luck of . Calcium

Collagen (from fish scales) Made in Japan

It is component which accounts for 90 percent of the organic component of bone. For decreases with age, it is the component you want to supplement with calcium.

Acacia dietary fiber  Made in Chad Republic

It supports to absorb the minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium.


· People who do not eat milk products much

· 40 years of age or later, people who feel luck of calcium

· Children who do not like milk products

Calcium 450mg containing per a day(10 tablets)

Completely additive-free

Weight:300 tablets

Usage:Divided 2 to 3 times, take 10 tablets / day on a regular basis