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Five forces support your clear every day
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Shikai Ryoukou is used the "penetration type bilberry extract" that is anthocyanin absorption twice rate compared with the standard bilberry. In addition, it was packed tightly as the capsule blended with lutein (from marigold) that is compatible with good bilberry, lactoferrin, cassis, rose petals in order to support a clear every day.

Because they are condensed only the components of the natural origin, not only the person who often use computers and mobile phones and cannot read fine characters, it is recommended for students who work hard every day.

Anthocyanin of about 258 Blueberries grains worth in a day※

※Anthocyanin in terms of the general cultivated blueberries

Northern Europe Bilberry Finland production and so on

It is a kind of high-quality wild blueberry, includes a wide large amount of anthocyanin than normal blueberries, helps important rhodopsin to be seen. Because we are using the "penetration type bilberry extract" which was extracted with unique patented process, it is also twice higher rate of anthocyanin absorption than the standard bilberry extract.

Lutein (marigold origin) Made in Mexican

It is an important component in the eyes which protect from ultraviolet rays. Because it decreases with age and cannot be made in the body, it is necessary to compensate consciously.

Cassis Made in New Zealand and so on

It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Specific component "Cassis anthocyanin" improves the flow loosen the stiffness and pulls out the original force.

Lactoferrin (milk-derived) Made in Germany

It is a kind of protein that is included in the breast milk. Among the tears contain a high concentration of lactoferrin, it is one of the essential components to keep the moisture of the eyes.

Roses Made in Pakistan

Components contained in a kind of wild rose "Rosa Ken Te Four rear" has been patented by the action to soften the bitterness of the turn of the season.

(Patent No. 4097300)

Alternatively, compounding the health component, such as "krill oil", "Egomaabura"! !


• People who cannot read fine character every year

• People who read newspapers and books well

• People who feel worries about their eyes

• People who feel hard to see things when the evening

Weight:2 capsule ×30 bags

Usage:take 2 capsule/ day on a regular basis