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Category: Health food
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Anti-aging CNS cells. Recovery transmit information from neurons. Recovery memory (Alzheimer's disease prevention)
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Condensing the essential ingredient in every day such as DHA.

To DHA (docosa hexaenoic acid) which is extracted from the tuna that is good quality, compounding Hericium erinaceus, resveratrol, salmon milt, soy lecithin, a ginkgo leaf. A component that is difficult to compensate in daily life and decreases with age was condensed tightly to one grain. It will support every day and the youthful rich life forever.

It is the perfect supplement for those who have increased inadvertently from overlapping the age, do not eat too much fish, aim to be for a lifetime career.

"Resveratrol" of the topic formulation

We have formulated a polyphenol "resveratrol" that is included a component of the topic in the youthfulness maintenance such as in red wine.

DHA-containing purified fish oil main the Pacific Ocean production

Essential fatty acids contained in fish oil. It is a component indispensable for every day that support for information transmission. In the " Nonai kakumei", it uses the DHA of tuna that are particularly good quality.

Hericium erinaceus Made in China

Hericium erinaceus is "intellectual healthy mushroom" that contains rich amount and quality of hetero β-D- glucan most of the mushroom contains only one or two type of. Herisenon class is related to the health of thinking and remember, it is the food you want to compensate in order to maintain a smooth information transfer.

Ginkgo Biloba Made in Chaina

It contains a plant-specific flavonoid that is said to support the around. It is Health herb of attention.

Salmon milt Maid in Japan and the United States

The salmon milt contains a lot of nucleic acid (DNA) it is said to help to the fibers of the youthfulness..

Resveratrol (grapes) Made in France

It is a kind of polyphenol contained in grapes, it has been said to make those involved in information transmission be cheerfully, lively and youthful support.

Soy lecithin Made in the United States and Brazil

It is a general term for several types of phospholipids, it smoothly support to drawer or transmit necessary information.

1. Target

  • People who have increased inadvertently
  • People who are committed to work and study for thinking
  • People who do not eat fish much
  • 2. Usage:Divided 2 to 3 times, take 6 capsule/ day on a regular basis